Club Sponsorship Opportunity

The Spirit United Soccer Club enjoys a state, regional and national reputation as a topflight youth soccer club. It has achieved this reputation by emphasizing three cornerstones: (1) excellence in coaching, (3) excellence in facilities and (3) excellence in support from players, parents and volunteers. Combined with these cornerstones is the emphasis on "education first" … resulting, overall, in outstanding player development both on the field of play and off. Sponsorship at the Club level supports the Club's overall efforts in each of these areas.

Coaching: SUSC attracts, develops and retains experienced coaches. These coaches are encouraged to continue to develop their coaching abilities through the attainment and upgrading of coaching licenses and participating in skill-building clinics and conferences. At many of these events, SUSC coaches meet other coaches at the club and collegiate levels. The Club subsidizes this "coach development" in whole and in part.

Facilities: SUSC has a complex of over 25 fields available. This separates the Club from many other youth organizations. To provide area youth with the topflight fields and facilities on which to practice, develop and play, the Club is continually working to maintain, upgrade and add to this complex while fostering its relationship with the United Sports Training Center. These facilities include land, buildings and field equipment, such as goals and corner flags, as well as their acquisition and ongoing maintenance and improvement.

Volunteers: SUSC enjoys the support of the communities in which it operates and from the families and youth it serves and supports. Added to this support are many, many volunteers, many of whom no longer have children involved in the program but who are "giving back" for the support and experience they and/or their children experienced by being part of SUSC.

"Education First:" Many SUSC participants have continued their educations and playing careers and the collegiate level and beyond. SUSC supports the student-athletes by providing scholarship support. In future years, it is the Club's intention to expand this program.

Club Sponsorship: $2,000 and up annually

  • Sponsor name, logo and link prominently displayed on the Club's web site - thousands of hits annually

  • Sponsor name associated with their support of specific Club objectives and needs (e.g., name on pavilion, selected coaches recognition, etc.)

  • Sponsor included in press releases regarding items such as scholarships, announcements of newly built/acquired facilities, coach's recognition, etc.

Near-term Club Objectives (sponsor opportunities):

  • Enhanced and expanded scholarship program

  • Pavilion(s) at primary field venues

  • Improved parking facilities at primary field venues

  • Major field improvements/installations/acquisitions

  • Field and field maintenance equipment and accessories

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