Travel Program Sponsorship Opportunity

The SUSC Travel Program provides a unique opportunity for corporate supporters to gain exposure. At SUSC the travel program is year round and involves 30 or more teams of young men and women supported by their coaches, parents and other volunteers. Travel teams compete in topflight leagues and tournaments in the fall, winter, spring and summer both indoors and outdoors. League play takes place primarily in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Travel teams typically play in tournaments in Pennsylvania and the Middle Atlantic Region. From time to time, SUSC travel teams are invited to compete in more far reaching tournaments in surrounding states and as far away as other areas in the continental U.S. and, infrequently, overseas.

There are two primary sponsorship opportunities available where the support is welcomed and needed: (1) the SUSC Travel Program and (2) individual SUSC travel teams. Sponsorship of the SUSC Travel Program is general and applied to supporting the Club's travel teams and coaches through items such as defraying a portion of tournament expenses, coaching and player development, equipment, accessories and similar items and the Club's scholarship program. Individual team sponsorship/support flows directly to the SUSC travel team designated.

SUSC Travel Program Sponsorship: $5,000 and up

  • Signage at designated SUSC fields

  • Listing on the Travel Program portion of Club's web site; link to sponsor's web site (thousands of hits annually)

  • Sponsor's name and logo on selected travel team accessories (e.g., team tournament/game tents, etc.)

  • Invitation to participate in Spirit Kick-Off Classic Welcome Reception for coaches, team managers, referees and tournament sponsors

  • Sponsor name included in SUSC Scholarships information (annual press releases, etc.)

SUSC Team Sponsorship: $1,000 and up

  • Signage on sponsored team accessories (e.g., team tournament/game tent, etc.)

  • Sponsor name on team web site

  • Sponsor name, contact and phone number on the Travel Program portion of the Club's web site (thousands of hits annually)

Each travel team has an annual budget. Potential sponsors should review this budget with a team official to determine where and the amount of support needed. It will vary significantly from team to team and year to year.

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