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SUSC considers the key ingredient in achieving player development success is in providing the most qualified coaches available. Coaches who understand that development is a "process," who have previous playing experience and who have a genuine love of kids are on the Club's coaching staff and are always sought out. SUSC has coaches who are state, nationally and internationally licensed. Coaches are encouraged to continue their development and get and upgrade their licenses and certifications. The Club provides continual coaching education programs for those individuals who have a commitment to player development, as well as subsidizes the fees for coaching licenses and certificates.

Ciaran Barrett [U12B Sol]

Craig Birtwistle [U11G Madrid, U12G Villa & U16G PF]

Keith Cappo [U16B Knights & U18B Arsenal]

Gary Christopher [U14G Arsenal]

Adam Edwards [Goalkeeper Trainer]

Aly Edwards [U15G Barca & U9G Arsenal]

Giap Edwards [U15G Barca & U9G Arsenal]

Greg Flaherty [U14B Barca & GK Trainer]

Mike Goldovich [U17B Phoenix]

Tony Greaves [U10G Barca]

Josh Harris [U15B Arsenal]

John Hatt [U9G Barca]

Art Hernandez [U10G Arsenal]

Chris Ireland [U11G Barca & U12G Villa]

Alex  Kulp [U14B Arsenal & U16B Knights]

Andrew Kummerer [U17B Phoenix]

Keith Lamb [U13G Blast]

Wade Lee [U17B Scorpions]

Joe Levan [U13B Celtic]

Jason  Luzak [Head Coach U13G Gaels & U11B Barca (2011/2012 season)]

Chris McCardell [U14B Barca]

Wayne McKinney [U15B Barca & U16G Aztecs]

Gino Miraglia [U18/19G Arsenal]

Dave Papalia [Goalkeeper Trainer]

Ed Polansky [U9B Academy]

Stephen Potter [U16B Strikers]

Steve Riley [U10B Barca]

Aaron Thomas [U13B Celtic]

Roger Tucker [U9B Academy & U18B Strikers]



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