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Spirit United is proud to announce its new partnership with Parisi’s Speed School at United Sports. All travel teams will receive TEN 1-hour training sessions with Parisi. Each team is responsible for scheduling their training session with Parisi.

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In order for you to continue to grow and develop as a soccer player, you need as much information as you can put your hands on.

Here is that information for you! Every month, you will receive the latest information and tips on how to make yourself more athletic.

Should you ever have any specific questions, please feel free to ask us and we will try and answer them in a subsequent edition.

The Parisi Speed School

Sports Nutrition - Vital for Athletic Success

Do you really want to say that……….

So why don’t they remember it today?

How does strength help me as a soccer player?

As we get older (U13 and up), adding strength to a player will make them a faster, more powerful player. Here is why:

There is a proven correlation between strength and speed. Developing a players "posterior chain" of muscles has several positive effects. Before we get to that, let's describe the muscles we are referring to here.

Basically these are the muscles you don't see should you be looking at yourself in the mirror. The Posterior chain of muscles are your back, your glutes, your hamstrings and your calf, Getting them stronger, will absolutely make a player faster. These are the muscles that are used to propel an athlete forward. They allow the athlete to become very explosive and quick in their movements.

Now saying all of this, the athlete must be smart in how they train this set of muscles. An athlete should be training to gain functional strength. There are many ways to achieve functional strength. Functional strength combines resistance and movement. This powerful combination allows an athlete to become stronger by training in multiple planes. Many athletes want to "bench press" as an example to get stronger. For movement athletes, benching is not as productive as say "tire flipping" in generating functional strength as a bench press only incorporates one level of plane, while flipping a tire builds several levels in!

Winning 50-50 balls!

As a player, you have heard this from your coach (we have to win more 50-50 balls!) many times, right? Well, let's discuss this for a moment. Why is that important...to win 50 50 balls? Well obviously if we win more of those balls, you and your team will possess the ball more, which often results in winning soccer. But while winning a 50-50 ball in the midfield is important, how about winning a 50-50 ball when you are 8 yards away from the goal...or winning a 50-50 ball when the other team is 8 yards away from the goal. Now we are talking crucial, right?

Well, in order to win 50-50 balls, we must be able to accelerate quickly to the ball. The better you become at accelerating, the better your chances are of winning the ball. Proper acceleration can make 50-50 balls become 90-10 balls to your favor!

Here are the three things that you can do on the field to help you accelerate faster.

  • Forward lean: When you accelerate, if you can have a forward lean from your very first step, you will have an edge over others.
  • First 4-6 steps: The first 4-6 steps are all acceleration steps. When you accelerate, you must land on the front part of your foot and push off explosively.
  • Arm drive: There are two ways to get faster, stride frequency is one way. That means how quickly can you turn your legs over (like the roadrunner cartoon character). The faster you pump your arms, the faster your feet will go (increasing stride frequency).

So to recap, in order to win more 50-50 balls, work on accelerating to the ball by a quick forward lean, driving off the front part of your foot and move those arms quickly!

parisi offerComing up next month!

Next month we are going to explore how to help you:

  • Win more head balls by working on your vertical jump!
  • Get a more powerful kick by getting your core stronger

Please feel free to send us any questions that you might have and we will answer them in a future edition.

Have a great month everyone!



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