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For more information about the travel program, please contact director of coaching, Sean McCafferty.


The SUSC travel program is designed to be a competitive soccer program with teams playing other competitive teams throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, as well as more far reaching. Most SUSC teams play in tournaments throughout the year, primarily in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia areas, but some teams periodically travel to more distant venues. Teams are formed by selecting players at public tryouts each spring. The players on travel teams range in age from 8 to 18. The SUSC travel program currently supports about 400 players on 25 teams.

Travel soccer teams involve a FULL YEAR commitment with the primary season in the fall. Teams practice and play throughout the summer, fall and spring, with teams practicing indoors during the winter. Weekend tournaments, outdoor and indoor, are part of team and player development - the hallmark of SUSC. All SUSC teams participate in the Spirit Kick-Off Classic, as well as other tournaments up and down the east coast throughout the year selected by the coach and Club. We have had teams travel abroad for tournaments. Teams have gone to England, Germany and Holland over the years. Parents generally accompany their children to tournaments, so tournament competition becomes a family event. In the fall, the boys teams play in the Delco Soccer League (Delco) and girls teams play in the Philadelphia Area Girls Soccer league (PAGS), with games primarily in the Chester, Montgomery and Delaware County area.


Travel team tryouts typically begin in April. The initial tryout dates for all boys team and for all girls teams are typically set by the Club. Additional tryouts are scheduled by the respective coaches. The dates, times and locations of the initial tryouts are posted on this web site annually when they are finalized. Although players may chose to tryout at age groups above theirs, SUSC encourages players to tryout for their age appropriate team (see Age Group Chart).

The following provides additional information on the travel team tryout process.

All players trying out for SUSC are required to register. This registration includes vital information such as player name, parents' names, birth date, address, phone number and e-mail address.
Players should come to tryouts properly attired for the weather with shinguards, soccer shoes, a ball and water bottle.
The coaches who will be coaching the teams in each age group have control of the player selections for their teams.
Additional coaches or other qualified individuals may serve as evaluators to assist the team coaches. Every effort is made to avoid any conflicts of interest the evaluators may have with the group of players trying out. While no evaluation system is perfect, SUSC believes this is the best way to objectively select teams for the club. The coaches have been carefully selected, and the coach's assessment of players is what SUSC relies on for player selection. These coaches are looking for the best players to create teams exhibiting solid skills and teamwork.
SUSC intends to sponsor at least two (2) teams at each gender age group provided the pool of players in a given age group supports it. Both teams in an age group will be assigned a highly qualified coach reviewed by the Coaches Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.
In addition, teams in an age group will have access to specialized coaching sessions (e.g., team training, technical training, coaches training, goalkeeper training, etc.), play in the most competitive league(s) available, and participate in the Spirit Kick-Off Classic.
Teams (and coaches) in an age group will work together, where possible, for the betterment of the players in that age group.
At the conclusion of the tryout process, each player will be contacted letting him/her know whether they have been selected to one of the teams in that age group. For those not selected, information on playing options should be discussed with the coach.

After Tryouts

IMPORTANT: Upon selection for an SUSC travel team, each team will conduct a team parents meeting. At or before this meeting each player selected must deliver a non-refundable registration fee made payable to "SUSC" to secure the player's spot on the team. Failure to pay the required registration fee in a timely manner will result in the player being removed from the team, unless satisfactory alternative arrangements are made with the Club, coach and/or team manager.

At this team meeting the coach and team manager will discuss plans for the team and its administration. At this meeting player fees and other issues will be discussed. All players and a parent must attend this team meeting or contact the coach/team manager if they will not be there. The following items should be brought to this meeting:

The player's social security number
A 1" X 1" head shot picture of the player. The picture must be recent and not the same as on the previous player pass, if applicable. The Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA) player passes only have room for a 1" X 1" picture. Please cut the picture if it is too large.
The prior year's player pass, if available, issued by SUSC or previous travel club.
If not on a registered travel soccer team in the previous year or the player pass is missing, bring one of the following:
     i. A copy of the player's original State issued birth certificate.
     ii. U. S. passport
     iii. Military ID card
Medical information (to complete the medical release form)
     iv. Player's doctor's name, address and phone number
     v. Medical insurance information (e.g., carrier and policy number)
     vi. Copies of the front and back of the player's insurance card
     vii. Information of the player's allergies or noteworthy medical conditions
     viii. Emergency contact names and telephone numbers.
Uniforms, if appropriate are typically ordered at this meeting. Every effort is made to provide each team with uniform samples for sizing purposes

Player fees are derived from a budget prepared for each team. The annual estimated budget for each team should be distributed at this initial parents meeting. Teams may have different costs due to tournament play, league fees and the like. Therefore, player costs can differ from team to team depending on the age group, number of players on the team, number of tournaments, and team fund raising. Player fees are minimized by Club sponsored fund raising activities such as the Spirit Kick-Off Classic, the primary fund raising event of the Club.

Volunteering is part of belonging to SUSC. Plan now to become involved on the committees established by the Board of Directors, with periodic field maintenance, with the Spirit Kick-Off Classic and/or functional roles in the administrative management (e.g., travel coordinator, financial manager, team manager, team Club contact, etc.) of the team on which your child has been selected. 



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